About our Business

Africa's Leading e-logistics Platform
As a Tech-integrated Haulage and logistics company, Truck Port Focuses on digitalizing the Haulage and Logistics industry for a hassle free operations by:

  1. Providing access to fleets of reliable and insured trucks for clients at a click.
  2. Facilitate logistics operations, for a hitch free and timely delivery
  3. Providing Advance Payments to truckers on behalf of the shippers
  4. Lower freight charges for shippers
  5. GIT insurance coverage for the cargo
  6. Truck/Cargo Tracking & monitoring system
  7. Constant Job, to our registered Truckers
  8. Digital load board & job notifications to our Truckers

Our Mission

To provide the most reliable and digitalized haulage service across West African State through synergy with all major players in the industry and beyond.

Our Vision

: To bridge the gap in haulage S.C (supply chain) via a digitalized system, ensuring efficient, safe, & timely turn around.


: Integrity and Efficient service.


: To digitalize access to fleets from different owners, via a single source, whilst, monitoring, tracking and reporting actual & timely position of trucks and cargo per time.

Company Scope

Fleet brokerage, fleet management, fleet tracking service, cargo insurance and compliance, training and recruitment of drivers, logistics and journey management.